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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Facebook Timeline

Timeline: Now Available Worldwide
by Paul McDonald on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 4:30am
UPDATE on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012:
Timeline is also available in mobile phone.It is updated on Sunday,December 18th 2011.

What is Facebook Timeline  
Facebook Timeline is a new way to show your profile and as the name suggest it changes your profile in a time driven series. It shows activities from when you joined Facebook up to now on a time scale (it can show activities for your whole life, you just need to go back and add those to your timeline).

Here are few changes which you will get on your profile page.
1. Cover Image

New profile page allows you to use a cover image along with the profile image. This cover image is different than your profile image and it will be first thing shown on your profile page.

This is a big cover image so gives a lot of space to brand and make a contact.
2. About and Apps

This is the second thing which will be shown on your profile page, about section and your likes, subscription etc. It is an easy way to write an small bio or an attractive sale pitch. You have full control on what will be shown on your about section. Just click on the section and it will take you to the screen where you can update your details.

Your apps will be shown next to your about section. You have an option to choose the sequence and visibility of the app on your profile. It is nothing more than showing your friends, photos, likes in a compact manner. There is another detail section in your timeline for your apps.
3. Your Timeline

The third and final section is your Facebook timeline, your activities on a time scale. It is divided into two parts, your stories and your apps.

In your Facebook timeline your stories will be shown first, its nothing more than your activities on Facebook. You can change the privacy settings if you don’t want something to be shown here.

The second thing is your apps, your likes, your recommendation etc, again you have a full control what to show here. You can change the settings right from that screen and remove what you don’t want to show on that screen.
How to Activate Facebook Timeline

If you don’t like to read the process watch the video below on how to create Facebook timeline profile.

[youtube]click here[/youtube]

1. Create an app

To get the Facebook Timeline you need to get an developer access and create an sample app (no coding required). To get the developer access go to developer section. If its your first time than it will ask for access, click on allow access and it will take you to the next screen.

To create an app your account needs to be verified either through mobile or credit card. Click on Create app and give an name and namespace for your new app. Namespace will be like a slug for your app so there can’t be any spaces in that. You can give any name it does not matter.
2. Open Graph access

Now you have to get an access to open Graph. Just click on Open Graph BETA. It will ask you to define what people can do, You can enter anything you like or choose from the sample given. Once you do that just click submit on next two screens.
3. Activate the Facebook Timeline profile

You can go to your profile page and there will be a box which will ask you to access your timeline, click on that you will get your timeline profile page. Now the only work left is edit and finalize your Facebook timeline profile.

You can go ahead and change your cover image, write your about and setup your timeline. By default it gives you 7 days to edit and setup your timeline, but if you are done earlier you can choose to publish it right away.
Few Things worth checking in new profile page
1. Your liked pages

The first thing which I would like to do is change the look of likes in the Cover section. I Like to show individual likes but it is up to you if you would want to make this change. Just click on the likes box and change it to individual like.
2. Some activities which you don’t want to show
You would want to review your activities and remove the activities which you don’t want to show on timeline. There are many activities and when you did them on Facebook you might not have think about this, so give 10-15 minutes and review what’s there.

This is an easiest way to setup your Facebook timeline profile page, set it up and share with all the developers. If you don’t want to do that than you can sign up for the updates, Facebook will let you know once it will be released.

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